Training and the Coronavirus

COVID 19 Shouldn't Stop Your Training Efforts!

Stay-At-Home orders were put in place in mid March. Right as the March Madness Playoffs were getting start for ALL basketball student athletes from middle school to college...everything stopped.

The COVID Outcome

"Like many of you, I am missing the gym and the exhilaration of working on your game and feeling the hardwood under my feet. "
-Coach Brown-

As difficult as this period of unknowing has been, we can't give up. There will ALWAYS be another season or another opportunity. It is vitally important that you remain "Game Ready". Just because our country and our communities were put on hold, doesn't mean your basketball workouts should.

All About Basketball wants you to stay in-tune with your basketball skills. We've worked to design a simple format that allows you to put forth the same effort you would normally if you were in the gym. By utilizing advanced technology, we are online with the ZOOM App. You can join us for a physically competitive workout from your basement, driveway or backyard. In many cases, you don't need a basketball hoop. We work on building your CORE skill techniques and enhancing your basic drills through repetition and proper techniques. From there we build on your foundation and expand your ability to get better.

As difficult as this process has been for everyone, we are all working to maintain a sense of normalcy in our lives. To reduce the spread and risk to you and your family, it is important that you maintain the requirements outlined by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Wear your face mask in public, maintain a comfortable social distant of at least six feet, use hand sanitizer, and always, ALWAYS wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with an alcohol based cleaner. Make sure you wipe down your basketballs if you are sharing with a family member, friend, or teammate.

Stay safe during the period of COVID-19. KEEP your game up with All About Basketball. Join us every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30pm CST for FREE LIVE Training. Get all the details at:

Register for All About Basketball FREE LIVE ONLINE ZOOM TRAINING!

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